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Tickling the Dragon by Jocelyn Simms

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This thoroughly researched and utterly compelling collection, which traces the genesis, deployment and after-effects of atomic weapons, brings into the light their appalling consequences and equally appalling denials of those consequences by the authorities. Lucid, vivid, with deft and well-judged shifts of tone, these poems are by turns angry, poignant, horrifying and even at times - as in the poem where the Statue of Liberty gives voice - darkly humorous. They are never less than deeply compassionate and humane. This collection is not comforting, but it is urgently necessary reading. - A C Clarke


8.99  + 2.75 p&p to UK

8.99 + 5 p&p to Europe

8.99 + 8 p&p outside Europe

From Los Alamos to Christmas Island: 

the Atomic Age in poetry

with historical notes

Includes photographs by Sapper Billy Wayne

It's terrific, the different sections, the whole impact. I still think Les Fleurs d'Azur is one of the most outstanding poems I've ever read. - Mandy Pannett

~~~ brought to my attention many facts I had not been previously aware of or not in such damning detail despite being a longstanding member of SCND. - A C Clarke


No excuses are needed: buy this collection; savour and re-read it; share it; champion it, and let it help to shape for good the wider world.  - Roger Elkin



With the characterisation of different voices, Jocelyn Simms brings man's disregard of humanity to the fore. Through her poetry she reports the lasting damage done to life in the development and use of atomic weapons. Her graphic telling in Tickling the Dragon makes us face the demons, where '...there are no corpses in the city', and brings to life the human cost in Les Fleurs d'Azur


At its very core, this sequence is a powerful reminder of what it means to take the wrong path. It is written with flair and daring, a brave catalogue of truth from an accomplished and sensitive poet. - Sheila Aldous

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