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Visions of Hastings


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Stories of St Leonards


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poetry and flash fiction anthology Records, Rivers and Rats



The Map of Bihar and other stories by Janet H Swinney

The Map of Bihar and other stories - cover image

These stories are shocking, surreal and sensual. They speak of experience, and a compassion that’s nothing to do with worthiness. Swinney has a distinctive voice and eye, and she makes brilliant use of imagery. No-one is safe from her dark, perceptive and occasionally painfully funny gaze.

– Cathy Galvin – writer and founder of 
the Word Factory and the Sunday Times Short Story Award


£9.99  + £2.75 p&p to UK

£9.99 + £5 p&p to Europe

£9.99 + £8 p&p outside Europe

India or the UK - the 'Mother Country'? - in both lands, hard-pressed people struggle to carve out a better life for themselves against restrictions of class, income, caste or gender. When opportunity comes knocking, who will be ready to act?

These meticulously observed short stories delineate the geometry of the lives of people faced with the possibility of change.


Their allure lies in the convincing authenticity of the experience of her characters, from Degsie, the stray cat of many names to Bobby, the abandoned Scottish runaway lad. In this varied collection Swinney presets us with a uniqute view of the subtleties of the world around us.  - Farrukh Dhondy - writer


Whether in a London suburb or urban India, we see life chances sought, seized, squandered and subverted. 

Join these citizens from opposite sides of the world in their very different but always compelling quests for fulfilment.

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