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                   Ghosts who Google         by Stephen Atkinson

                   The book that inspired Derbyshire Times reviewer Andrew Hibberd to invent Ghoulgle 

Ghosts who Google cover pic


From a review of Ghosts who Google 

As a fan of scary stories, I eagerly read Stephen Atkinsonís debut short story collection, Ghosts Who Google. These stories are not really traditional ghost stories; instead they offer the reader something new. They are also beautifully written, for Stephen Atkinson has a clear, strong story-tellerís voice which is conveyed in delightfully uncluttered prose. George Orwell would have been proud.
          ...if Roald Dahl, James Herbert and Clive Barker had collaborated on a collection of creepy tales, the result would have been the kind of stories to be found in Stephen Atkinsonís Ghosts Who Google. The stories in this collection compare favourably to the best of Roald Dahlís Tales of the Unexpected and to many of the creepy stories to be found in Clive Barkerís The Books of Blood.
          These stories are really for those who love good (by which I mean well-told) ghost stories. They are modern and they undermine the conventions of the traditional ghost story. Some of these twenty-two short stories are humorous; others deadly serious. Some are downright scary and will have readers looking nervously over their shoulders. 

 - review by  R J Dent





Staying away from darkened churchyards and wind-swept moors wonít keep the spectres out of your life. 

Ever wondered where those unexplained text messages come from? Or been startled by the astuteness of machines? Ever looked over your shoulder when tapping away at the keyboard late at night?


Steve Atkinson's stories have appeared on the shortlists and won prizes in a range of competitions and, after they'd turned up several times in Earlyworks Press shortlists, he started work on a collection. 



Steve read Five Little Pinkies, one of two of his stories featured in Ways of Falling, at the London launch of this Earlyworks Press prizewinnersí anthology in 2010. A particularly powerful story from the Atkinson oeuvre, Five Little Pinkies  is typical of his style Ė all innocence on the outside, and no clue as to whether youíre going to be laughing your socks off or scared to go to bed after the last page. 


Ghosts who Google will make you laugh, make you think - and make you look over your shoulder more often.


paperback ISBN 978-1-906451-81-3


 £7.99  + £2.50 p&p to UK

              + £5 p&p to Europe

               + £8 p&p to USA and RoW


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