This Rome drowns slowly

The 2020 poetry and flash fiction anthology from Earlyworks Press

This Rome drowns slowly - cover image When the world went quiet...

In these pages you will find the thrilling biography of a unique guitar and desperate journeys in the hottest and coldest extremes of our plant. You will find migrants, their rescuers and their tormentors, you will find revenge, redemption, comedy and philosophy in substantial, evening-long short stories, as well as blink-of-an-eye worlds in 100 words, and poetry to linger over.

These works are the winners and shortlisted pieces from the Earlyworks Press flash fiction, short story and poetry competitions of 2019, written just before the world went quiet.

We didn't know, when we chose them last year, what kind of world we would release them into. We didn't know that Tony Noon's poem, 'Rome Drowns Slowly' would suddenly loom in relevance, and make us think of London, and all the other formerly buzzing centres. But it did, and so became the title piece.

We hope the collection will prove useful, and inspire more of the same, from readers and writers everywhere, whatever happens next.


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